FAA A&P License How to Get

Here is how to get your A&P License!  

How to become an A&P mechanic / AMT!   <>  FAA - International Field Offices and Units!

Here is a quick run-down of how to get an A&P license!
After having done practical work ,18/24 month, on airplanes,
present your work experience ATA chapter wise ,
get the slips (Form 8610-2) from an FAA inspector (approval to take exams!) .

FAA Frankfurt Licence Info!  For non-US-Citizens: 
You only need to go to the FAA Inspector if you work on USA-registered aircraft  (letter from a sponsor)
or you have an employment (letter from a sponsor)  to work on USA-registered aircraft.
If you don't have a letter from your company or sponsor to prove the need, forget about the A&P license!
It is not like the EASA  licence, where everybody can go for the licence exam!

Study the subjects and learn exam questions by heart (from exam question books below!)!
Take the exams and get the book  Oral and Practical Exam Guide
Prepare yourself for the oral and practical exam!
Chose the DME (examiner) carefully, as some examiners letting you do an annual inspection,
taking money from you and their customer. You may even fail and do another annual inspection....
Having passed the oral/practical, you will get a temporary license, and of course a pay raise!!!!
Any questions? Email jarman@jartraining.de

Wikipedia overview of  Aircraft Maintenance Technician AMT
Books to study!

A&P General - Aviation Maintenance Technician Series

A&P Airframe Structures - Aviation Maintenance Technician Series

A&P Airframe Systems- Aviation Maintenance Technician Series

A&P Powerplant - Aviation Maintenance Technician Series

Electrical Systems for A&Ps - Jeppesen

Aircraft Inspections, Repair & Alterations  FAA - FAR 43

Aircraft Inspection and Repair - FAA 2010   
FAA A&P Books with exam questions for Theory, Oral & Practical

FAA Exam Test Guide 2017 General

FAA Exam Test Guide 2017 Powerplant

FAA Exam Test Guide 2017 Airframe

Aviation Maintenance Technician Oral and Practical Exam Guide

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